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Our Services

We have been offering our IT Services to businesses all over the world for over 17 years. See how our team of experts can improve and streamline your management processes.

Our IT consultants are there to find ways to improve and streamline a company’s management processes by listening to current challenges and objectives. This team of experts is available to help answer questions, provide business advice and offer practical solutions to increase company efficiency and streamline processes through the use of technology, all depending on a customer’s company size, budget and resources.


We offer software development services to meet a customer’s unique business needs. The cutting-edge technologies our team uses enable us to deliver innovative solutions in a timely fashion, allowing customers to save time, money and headaches. We’ve completed multiple enterprise software projects including the development and implementation of various management software solutions, such as ERP, CRM, Accounting, PLM, Project Management, web applications, mobile apps and more. Software maintenance and support are also provided along with our development services.

For companies to benefit from streamlined processes, systems integration is a must. Our team can help businesses integrate their many management systems to reduce the disconnect between these separate systems and reduce manual data entry.


We’ve got support packages for our User Support and User Training services for our software implementations. We never leave customers alone after any system implementation and make it easy for them to reach our support team by phone, email or online.

With our own private cloud, we offer customers the ability to host their software solutions in the cloud, saving them on hardware costs as well as on lengthy and expensive system implementations. Contact us for more details.


When it comes to EDI, we do it all! With our EDI2XML Service, we get our customers exchanging business documents, like Purchase Orders and Invoices, with their Trading Partners in no time. With quick Partner setup, XML/CSV translation and system integration, you’ll eliminate all of that manual data entry and EDI hassles.

We offer the latest in Backup and Recovery with our Business Continuity Service. The Quick Backup Recovery (QBR) solution, which is powered by Datto and serviced by our team at Namtek Consulting Services, entails on-site real-time data and machine backup through virtualization as well as off-site backup to the cloud. This hybrid solution allows for quick recovery during a disaster with no downtime or data loss.


… A+ for service and quality.
Dan Khoury,
V.P. Sales & Marketing
Château Bodywear/Watson’s

Our main goal is to help Small and Medium Enterprises improve and streamline their management processes with efficient and affordable software systems and services. Over the last 17 years, our services have helped businesses reduce costs, increase revenue, improve customer service, streamline processes and improve the decision-making process. Outsourcing all of your IT needs with Namtek Consulting Services will ensure your needs are always met without breaking the bank.


  • Microsoft C# / MVC
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Microsoft Compact Framework
  • Magic XPA from Magic Software
  • Magic XPI – Integration Suite


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